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Burghfield Sailing Club
Hangar Road
Berks RG7 4AP

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2017 Bart's Bash at Burghfield

ID Name Boat SailNo HelmCrew ResultCategory
1 Ian Bullock TBC TBC Helm Club Racer
2 Sharon Bullock A nice stable one with a helper TBC Non-sailor (I'll have a go at helming) Sailing for Fun
3 Andrew Leigh RS 400 1431 Helm Club Racer
4 Wynn Kenrick Solo 5029 Helm Club Racer
5 Pete Haddrell RS200 1330 Helm Circuit Racer
9 Kevin Butler Laser 1 107061 Helm Club Racer
10 Chris Neal RS 400 1431 Crew (I'll have a go at helming) Club Racer
11 Alister Comrie Pico No number - blue sail Helm Sailing for Fun
12 Tilly Miller-Comrie Oppie K-3729 Helm Sailing for Fun
13 flea haddrell rs 200 1330 Crew (I'll have a go at helming) Circuit Racer
14 Clare Hunter Mirror 70906 Helm Club Racer
15 Emmy Creen Mirror 70906 Non-sailor (I'll have a go at helming) Sailing for Fun
16 Greg McCorquodale Cruise RS Vision 0654 Helm First Race
17 Alex McCorquodale Cruise Club s/h X Helm Club Racer
18 Toby McCorquodale Cruise Optimist 4558 Helm Club Racer
19 Sonia McCorquodale Cruise RS Vision 0654 Helm Sailing for Fun
20 Jake Penrose Optimist 5798 Helm First Race
21 Ian Penrose Laser 197895 Helm Club Racer
22 Amy Morland Laser 61181 Helm Squad Sailor
24 William Caley Club-s/h X Helm Social Sailor
25 Thomas Strong Optimist 6248 Helm Club Racer
26 Alex Strong RS Feva 1298 Helm Social Sailor
27 Kate NEwman Topaz ? Helm Sailing for Fun
28 Tom Jones RS Vareo 284 Helm Club Racer
29 Joseph Jones Club-d/h X Crew (I'll have a go at helming) Circuit Racer
30 Imogen Jones Club-d/h X Crew (I'll have a go at helming) Circuit Racer
31 Clara Jones RS Feva XL 73 Helm Club Racer
32 Nick Craig Enterprise 23170 Helm Circuit Racer
33 Aled Bath RS200 1094 Helm Club Racer
34 Monty Bath RS200 1094 I really just want to crew First Race
36 James Newman Topper Taz ? Helm Sailing for Fun
37 Amélie Curtis Club - d/h 420 Helm Club Racer
38 Nigel Rolfe RS Aero 7 2157 Helm Circuit Racer
39 Holly Davies Optimist 5664 Helm Club Racer
40 Tom lee OK 1728 Helm Club Racer
41 Paulina Miskufova Optimist X Helm Sailing for Fun
42 Samuel Miskuf Optimist X Helm Sailing for Fun
43 Miroslav Miskuf Club-s/h X Helm Sailing for Fun
44 Kevin Druce RS200 1295 Helm Sailing for Fun
45 Doug powell Club-s/h X Helm Circuit Racer
46 Peter Angwin Steaker 1870 Helm Club Racer
47 peter chaplin RS Aero 7 2162 Helm Circuit Racer
48 Juliet Cooper Optimist 3986 Helm Club Racer
49 Eleanor Cooper Optimist X Helm First Race
50 Phil Harland Solo 5317 Helm Club Racer
51 Simon Beddows Blaze 800 Helm Circuit Racer
52 Matthew Lees Laser - Radial 196171 Helm Club Racer
53 Sophie Lees Laser 4.7 96171 Helm Club Racer
54 Andrew Lees Laser 159333 Helm Club Racer
55 Chris Jordan 2000 22607 Helm Circuit Racer
56 Gillian Jordan 2000 22607 Crew (I'll have a go at helming) First Race
57 Ken Hydon Streaker 1983 Helm Club Racer
58 Phoebe Craddock Optimist 4915 Crew (I'll have a go at helming) First Race
59 Tom Craddock Optimist 4515 Helm First Race
60 Dan Craddock Drascombe Lugger Big green thing with red sails Helm Club Racer
61 David Webb Solo 4881 Helm Club Racer
62 pete barlow Blaze 811 Helm Club Racer
63 Archie Bourne Optimist 5411 Helm Circuit Racer
64 William Bourne Optimist 5988 Helm Club Racer
65 Stephen Rothman Laser 178514 Helm Club Racer
66 Richard Bourne Laser 2000 2659 Helm Social Sailor
67 Paul Weatherley Lark 1845 Helm Sailing for Fun
68 Peter Langdon Wayfarer 1 Helm Sailing for Fun
69 Penelope Muir-Sands Club Oppie X Helm Sailing for Fun
70 Lawrence Curtis Topaz 420 Helm Sailing for Fun
71 Alex Irwin Club single hander X Helm Olympian
72 David Irwin Club single hander X Helm Club Racer
73 Bernard Fyans Topper Argo NONE Helm Club Racer
74 Alan Mortis Laser 77542 Helm Sailing for Fun
75 Eloise Mortis Optimist 3935 Helm Club Racer
77 James Anderson RS200 463 Helm Club Racer
78 Morgan Anderson Oppi 5024 Helm Club Racer
79 Keith Phillips Mirror 19102 Helm Sailing for Fun
80 James Hyman Optimist 2585 Helm Sailing for Fun
82 Douglas Calder Laser Radial 204125 Helm Circuit Racer
83 David Calder Laser 4.7 145895 Helm Circuit Racer
84 Adrian Elsey Streaker 1954 Helm Club Racer
85 Malcolm Perry Tideway 14 46 Helm Club Racer
86 Felix Thrussell Optimist BV3 Helm Club Racer
87 Peter Russell No 1944 Helm Club Racer
88 Peter Blackman SOLUTION 443 Helm Club Racer
89 Peter Withrington Solo 4918 Helm Club Racer
90 Kristof Jenkins RS200 1295 Helm Club Racer
91 Jill Nash Topaz 12699 Helm Sailing for Fun
92 Luke Nash Optimist 5313 Helm Sailing for Fun
93 Nigel Milligan Finn GBR50 Helm Club Racer
94 David Martin Wayfarer 1 Helm Sailing for Fun
95 Steven Trigg RS Vareo - Single Hander 130 Helm Club Racer
96 Martin Stone club-s/h x Helm Social Sailor
97 Berkshire Sail Training Centre Laser Radial 182205 Helm Club Racer
98 William Green RS400 1256 Helm Club Racer
99 Sarah Green RS400 1256 I really just want to crew Sailing for Fun
100 Harry George Rs200 994 Helm Olympian

93 Entries

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