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25/05/2018 - TGI Friday Sailing
For those that aren’t sure of the format:

This is a completely self-managed evening. Simply an excuse to get together at the end of the week and start a new weekend off with some playtime.
We find a couple of safety teams to cover the lake and anyone who wants to sail, can do so with safety cover in place. The club Oppies are available to any sailors that need them. If you want to use one, you are responsible for rigging and de-rigging. As there are only 10 boats, if there are more sailors than boats, you can double up sailors, or take turns " whatever works best.

It’s a great opportunity for parents to get out on the water, so the more boats launched, the better.

If anyone has any particular ideas of activities or games they’d like to run, then I’m sure we’d all be keen to join in. This is not a coaching session " it’s just play time.

Everyone brings their own dinner and we fire up the club BBQ’s for around 7pm. You help yourself to the BBQ’s as you need to.

We have access to the galley, so crockery & cutlery is available.

If we can find someone to manage the bar, we can open that up too. We aim to wind up around 9ish, depending on the weather. Everyone helps to clear up after the event, including galley & bar clearing.

So, what we need to arrange on advance:

- 2 safety teams. Team 1 for 5pm-7pm. Team 2 for 7pm to finish
- 2 bar teams of two people. Same times as above.

The important bit.

As these evening are planned to be ad hoc, it helps if we have an idea of numbers in advance. There’s no fun in turning up to find you’re the only one’s there 

If the weather takes a turn for the worse, we make a final decision a day or two beforehand.

If you are interested in coming along, could you please drop me a note as soon as possible, so that I can advise others and we can make a decision to go ahead or not. Just let me know if you would like to attend, how many of you there would be and whether you’ll be sailing or not.

If you have any questions, please feel free to ask.

Paul CHecksfield
22/06/2013 - Fast Asymmetric Class Training.
There will be training for the fast asymmetric class running on Saturday the 22nd of June. It is aimed at club racers who would like to get their boats going faster, work on boat handling or to learn asymmetric specific techniques. If you would like to attend you should be already taking part in club racing or able to sail a triangular course and are planning on joining club racing.

The training will start at 11.00am with boats rigged but you don't need to be changed, we will have a briefing upstairs in the club house to decide the format of the racing. Training will be run by club members Chris Martin and Kevin O'Brian, if you have any questions please contact Chris
23/12/2007 - Christmas series Day1
Times as normal for sunday racing but no am or pm separation. These races count towards the christmas series: 5 races over christmas period with 3 to count. Each race will be a one fleet start lap timed handicap.
26/12/2007 - Christmas series Day2 (also Burghfield Icicle)
The second of the Christams series, with only one race this time to allow time for muld wine!The results of this race will both go into the Christmas Series and also count on the day for prizes for the Burghfield Icicle, To be awarded on the day after the Muld Wine!
30/12/2007 - Christmas series Day3
Final day of christmas series, two (4&5 of series)races as per sunday racing times
30/06/2007 - Saturday Racing
As the Summer Party has been cancelled, and as the Burghfield Blast has already taken place, there will be NO RACING organised for Sat 30th June.

Instead, we are hoping for a bumper turn-out for the start of the Summer Series on Sunday 1st July
08/04/2007 - Commodore's Cup 2007
Starting at 11:00 there are 3 races (best 2 to count). These are 3 all-in-together, lap-timed, handicap races. This should give us some interesting starts, and the opportunity to prove your boat's handicap does not prevent you from winning!
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