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Race Sequence, 2007

Race Sequence, 2007

New starting sequence and fleet structure

Following a detailed review by the sailing committee, it is proposed to test out a new race management and fleet structure for the Frostbite series - on a trial basis. Following feedback and if successful, these changes will be made permanent.

The purpose of the changes is as follows:

  • To provide better racing for the handicap fleets
  • To make race management easier
  • To provide more data for handicap analysis

The key changes are as follows:

There will now be two handicap fleets instead of three so that there are more boats racing in each race. This means the medium handicap fleet is now merged in with the fast and slow handicap fleets, moving the RS200s and National 12s into the fast handicap and the Enterprises into the slow handicap. This changes the starting sequence as follows:

AM PM Fleet
11:00 13:30 RS400
11:03 13:33 Fast Handicap (PH < 1100)
11:06 13:36 Laser
11:09 13:39 Slow Handicap (PH ≥ 1100)
11:12 13:42 Sailboards

The second major change is that racing for all handicap fleets will be managed on a lap time basis. This means the finish will be in the same place as the start. This has two benefits. The race officer can finish slow boats on a different lap to fast boats, even if they are in the same handicap race. This should make it easier to give everyone a similar length race. Secondly we will also record times for class fleet racing. With this extra data we can record more handicap times to help us better understand anomalies.

All fleets will now need to pass through the line on each lap.

There will be a briefing at 10.45 on Sunday 7th January, 2007 to ensure that there is no confusion. In the mean time, if you have any questions, suggestion or concerns, please contact the Rear Commodore Sailing, , or the Principle Race Officer, .

Updated Sailing Instructions are available here.

Created on 22/12/2006 11:39 AM by Ian Bullock
Updated on 06/01/2007 08:41 PM by Ian Bullock
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