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News - January 2007

21 January

400 on edge

Sailing on Sunday

For those that weren't there, and for those on the committee boat at the leeward end of the lake, here is some of the action from Sunday somewhere near buoy 1. You may need to be on broadband to see it: Video

16th January



OK - this is Brilliant! Thanks to Jonathan Lewis for the link.

Tacticat is an online sailing simulation which allows you to race against other sailors in real time. It sails the boat at the optimal angle if you tell it to and allows you to call the tacks and take control during the maneuvers.

It shows shifts and gust and has an excellent rules engine. You may not be able to play it from behind a corporate firewall but don't expect to get much done in the evenings for a while.


14th January


RS400 Improvers Trophy

No video this week from the RS400 fleet - the fleet captain was too busy sailing! Instead there is another page of information in our hints and tips series; as well as details of a new prize to try for - an "improving trophy" to encourage people to sail on Sundays and to do better than they did last year.

Further details

9th January

Papercourt Winter Open

Papercourt Winter Open

No time for the New Year to settle in gently for our Optimist Sailors - the first Saturday brings the first meeting of the year. Over a dozen Burghfield sailors made the short trip to Papercourt to compete against over 90 of the best Optimist Sailors in the South. Two even chose this event to travel for the first time.

More Info...

RS400 News

RS400s Racing

Not much of a report for the RS400's this week, but we do have a video from the second race. Andy Leigh, after sitting to leeward in the big boats, finds that even he has to sit out on Sunday.

More Info...

8th January

Bloody Mary, 2007

Bloody Mary, 2007

How do you beat 3rd and 4th in the 2006 Bloody Mary?

With 1st and 2nd in the 2007 race of course!

Well done to Graham and Zoe Camm who won the event on Saturday and to Caroline Martin who came 2nd. It was Caroline in 4th place last year so she surely wins the prize for consistency.

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Photo ©: OnEdition

Andy spotted on the Basilica V40

Thanks to Simon Smith for spotting our friendly neighborhood chandler and ex-commodore Andy on the lee hull of Basilica.

On the other hull were Dame Ellen MacArthur, Mike Golding and Alex Thomson - at the the opening of the Collins Stewart London Boat Show.

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6th January

Updated Sailing Instructions

Updated Sailing Instructions

The sailing instructions containing the amendments mentioned in the news item on the 2nd January have now been posted.

In addition, it was agreed at Thursday's Sailing Committee meeting that the initial announcements might have been unclear. Therefore, the notice has also been updated.

Specifically, please note the following:

All boats must pass through the finish line at the end of every lap

Full details and an explanation of the reasoning will be presented at a competitors' briefing at 10.45 before the race on Sunday 7th January.

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3rd January

Jim Saltonstall

Winter Talks, 2007

Following the great success of the inaugural series of Winter talks last year, we are have another series of talks for the start of 2007.

Pre-registration is now open and the first talk is on January 10th - Next Week. Jim Saltonstall gave an excellent talk on the Rules last year and this year he will spend two evenings sharing his insight in to "The most challenging sport in the World".

More Info...

2nd January

Race Sequence, 2007

Race Sequence, 2007

After much discussion, the Sailing Committee has decided to combine our three handicap fleets starts into two.

We will also be returning to Lap-timed handicap racing for those fleets which means that the Start/Finish line will no longer move during the race.

These changes will take effect for the Frostbite series which starts this Sunday, 7th January, 2007. They will be reviewed at the end of the Frostbite series.

If you race on a Sunday, this will affect you so please read the full details of the change.

More Info...

Happy New Year!

Happy New Year!

Welcome to 2007.

Some important announcements will be posted here very soon so please pop back soon to make sure you don't miss anything.

There were also several news items posted over the festive period. If you missed them, you may want to take a look at the December news page.

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