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Introduction to Racing

You have got past the stage of knowing whether: Is sailing for you?.

Now its time to move on and found out: Is Racing for you? If you think the answer might be "YES", please read on.

New starters to the racing scene

How do you start racing? When everyone else seems to know so much more about it than you do?

You turn up at the club at 18:00 on a Wednesday evening, or 10:00 on a Sunday, and everyone seems to be rushing around very busy. What should you do?

We hope that the web pages pointed to below will provide you enough information to help get you onto the water and to give it a try. But if you feel you need more information, then please ask questions of your Fleet Captains (see: here), or come along to the club and ask people there. There is a Club Manager on duty at weekends, and a Officer of the Day organised whenever sailing is to take place. They will be able to help point you in the right direction.

Some of the information that is available on the web-site is pointed to below. Knowing the Racing Rules summary, and knowing what to do before entering a race are the two key sections below:

  • What the different boats are at Burghfield: Here

  • What do the different flags mean: Here

  • What races are organised at Burghfield: Here

  • What you need to know about the Racing Rules: Here

  • What you need to do before entering a race: here

  • What you need to do before starting the race: Here

  • What you need to do in order to finish the race: Here

  • Some tips for light wind racing: Here

Thinking of starting to sail and race?

Welcome to Burghfield Sailing Club.

Members of the club all have one thing in common - we all like sailing. Many (?most?) members also enjoy pitching their skills against one another and racing - trying to show who is the quickest.

If you are new to the sailing game, then you may find that moving through the different options below is the route to winning - although it could take you a couple of years or so! If you are not new to sailing, you may be able to jump into this route map at different points.

  • Take a course at the sailing school: Here
  • Get the sailing bug, and join BSC: Here
  • Use the club boats for a week or so: Details here
  • Become fully infected with the bug and want to buy your own boat.
  • To improve further, join in with the Admiral Club days.
  • Once you have suceeded in a casual race or two, join in the club races within your fleet, for example:
    • Learn a few rules:
    • Take part on a Wednesday evening:
    • Join in with some fleet training to get more experience within your own class of boat:
    • Learn a few more rules
    • Take part in Sunday races:
    For more details, see the links above.

The other approach is to crew someone else for a few months or a year, and to then move on to your own boat once you understand what is happening around you.

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