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Duties - Safety Boat

Duties - Safety Boat


As safety boat drivers and crews, you play an extremely important part in providing safety boat cover on the water for racers and casual sailors. You are also important role models for children and new users of the water who watch from a distance.

Following a few recent incidents at the Club that could have had serious consequences, the committee feels that we can all benefit from a few reminders to ensure that we do not become complacent or forget some of the basic safety information.

The bottom line is to drive in a safe, efficient and considerate manner for all water users. This means:-

  • To be worn at all times
  • The RYA recommends that the kill cord be attached around your leg
  • It should not foul the steering or controls
  • No modifications are allowed
  • Check that it works (cuts the engine out when removed) before you go out
  • If leaving the controls or assisting persons in the water KILL THE ENGINE

  • Consider safe speed
  • Avoid standing up whilst driving or crewing in powerboats
  • Communicate clearly between coxswain and crew (this will avoid anyone being thrown out during manoeuvres and changes in speed)
  • Don’t race around the lake unnecessarily - it irritates those sailing
  • Consider your wash, particularly around a capsized craft and the jetty / shore areas
  • Ensure one hand is on the throttle and the other on the steering wheel

  • Ensure your craft has the minimum equipment required - towline, paddle. safety pack, radio, knife, spare kill cord, enough fuel
  • Do a radio check and keep it with you
  • Don’t attempt to do a safety duty with just one person to a safety boat. Controlling the boat and rescuing a dinghy at the same time could endanger the person in the water and risk personal injury
  • If needed, ensure that you call for assistance quickly

  • Cut the engine when dealing with people in the water or if anyone is swimming towards you. You wouldn’t put your hand in a liquidiser! If someone is holding onto a powerboat their legs will be dragged underneath towards the prop.
  • Use a safe speed
  • Prepare - plan - manoeuvre - escape
  • Don’t put anyone at risk - if in doubt or anything happens that means you are not fully in control STOP - sort it, then continue
  • Consider others at all times
  • Don’t take passengers
  • Don’t take children out to assist you under any circumstances.

Please ensure that you all take care and have safe and enjoyable duties at the Club. No one wants to see an accident happening at the club.

Created on 09/08/2007 08:41 AM by Chris Jordan
Updated on 28/07/2015 05:37 PM by Sharon Bullock
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