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Burghfield Sailing Club
Hangar Road
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01189 303 604

For Sale / Buying Guide

For Sale / Buying Guide

Club For Sale Rail

Oppie Club operates a "For Sale Rail" for selling and buying children's sailing gear (ideal for the wetsuits they've grown out of over the winter), and small Oppie boat bits.

To sell items:

  1. Purchase a "ticket" for £1.00 (one ticket per item).
  2. Add your name and the amount you want to sell the item for.
  3. SECURELY attach ticket to item (please ensure shoes are tied together).
  4. Add details to "For Sale" sheet - against your ticket number.
  5. Next week check whether your item has sold and collect the cash.
  6. Donated items for sale are also welcome

Please Note: We cannot be held responsible for lost labels or items - Please ensure labels are securely fastened to all items.

Club Notice board

Another simple way is to use the For Sale noticeboard at the club. It's free, but you need to get the advert approved by Pat Forbes the club secretary.

BSC Oppies mailing list

The BSC Oppies mailing list is used to circulate items of interest to Oppie sailors and parents; . Occasionally adverts for kit will be circulated.

If anyone is not on the list and wants to advertise something Oppie related, send an email to Dave, using the details above, and he will circulate it.

Buying Guide

During Spring and Summer demand for all types of boat has outstripped supply, this has resulted in OC parents travelling over 400 miles to view a boat, into mid summer this eases a bit. After the end of season Nationals in Autumn a load of racing boats come onto the market, demand then lags supply until spring. This is the time to act if you can.

When demand is high you will still be able to find boats, you just have to work hard and be quick:

First look on the BSC notice board, or on the Boats for Sale section of this site, click here or ask Andy at Mayday Chandlery, he is aware of the issue of short supply and attempts to build a stock. Then email the OC list, someone may know something. We try to encourage people upgrading to buy remote and sell locally, the prices may be a bit higher locally, but it’s probably better to pay £50-100 more for a boat with known history that you don’t have to waste a day getting to BSC " you may even get it’s boat space thrown in, saving £20-30.

Failing this, you need to expand your search, first try the IOCA site ‘For Sale’ area by clicking here, there are always a few boats here, then try the sites of local clubs, Dorchester, Bowmoor, HISC, Emsworth, …

Failing this you are into general search, Google words like Oppie, Optimist, Wood, Fibre, for sale, £. Finally search some common sites, apolloduck.com, ebay.co.uk, or put a wanted ad in Adtrader.co.uk

Types of boat

Types of Oppie
There are three materials which boats can be made of and each have their strengths and weaknesses:

For Racing vastly different criteria applies, contact Ian for advice.

Strictly speaking these are not Optimists so cannot be raced outside the club. They are heavier than boats made from the other materials so there would be no advantage to racing them.

They are pretty much bullet proof, young kids and beginners crash " a lot. Ideal if you have young kids who may not be racing for a while or if you have a number of kids coming through. However, as soon as they get beyond Grade 1/2 the difference in speed and manoeuvrability will start to show.

They are great value but we have little data on the second hand market so far. Mayday Chandlery often has these in stock and Rooster Sailing imports them.

OC has 10 poly prop Oppies, while we try to replace the 2 oldest each year, we have had very few problems with them. They are an excellent starter boat.

At the lower end of the price range, wooden boats tend to come up more often that fibre glass boats. They do everything that you need from a first boat, they are easy to repair and small knocks can be easily put right with a lick of paint. The downside is that they do require that little extra bit of TLC from bumps and benefit from inside storage during the Winter months.

There is no reason why a wooden boat can't last right through to racing although they are far less common at the front of the fleet these days.

Fibre Glass (GRP)
The most pervasive material these days, especially as you move up to more advanced levels. Easy enough to repair if you know what you are doing and professional repairs are hard to spot. Require much less maintenance than a wooden boat but are not quite as indestructible as the Polypropylene boats.

Well looked after wood or fibre glass boats should hardly depreciate at all so you should get the same amount back when they move on.


To clarify the confusion on Measurement.

A measurement certificate (actually a measurement forms or slips for foils, spars, sail and hull) is only really required for sailors entering the Inlands, Nationals, or End of Seasons in Main fleet. For all other events (opens) and fleets (Regatta) measurement certificates are not required.

So, if you just want to enter the odd local open event, you won't need a fully measured boat.

However if you do want to enter these events, you will need a measured Optimist, not an oppie or a polyprop opie.

Created on 28/11/2005 06:08 PM by Burghfield Admin
Updated on 27/06/2013 12:45 PM by Pat Forbes
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