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Fast Handicap

Fast Handicap


Fast Handicap

Within the fast fleet at Burghfield there are a variety of classes competing, and the fleet is often the largest on the water - when we get over 20 boats on the start line it does make for interesting times! The Fast Handicap is for any boat with a PY rating of 1100 or less, that is not a part of another class or Asymmetric race.

Typical classes that are racing regularly at the present time, include:
  • Blaze
  • National 12
  • Phantom
  • Finn
  • Supernova
  • RS 600
  • Fireball
  • Javelin
  • Merlin Rocket

See Boats at the club for more details of some of these classes.

As you can see, this gives a complete mix of singlehanders and double handers, one, two or three sails with and without (symtetric) spinnakers, with and without trapezes. This provides for exciting racing at all times with the emphasis placed on tatical decisions.

Overall the fleet has good numbers at the club and provides quality racing for all concerned and quite a spectacle for non sailors on the balcony! The fleet standard ranges from a number of current and past National Champions (who don't always manage to win!), down through the normal club sailors to people who have only just started racing. All standards are catered for, and all are welcome. There are not many other sports where you can compete directly against the best in the country when you are just starting out.

If you would like to get involved in racing, have some information or want some advice, and you have a boat with a PY of 1100 or less, then please hunt me down on the fore-shore or in the bar: I sail an RS Vareo, number 294, "Single Measure".

If you would like any information added to this page or further detail about the Fast Handicap fleet at Burghfield please use the link below to contact me.

Plans for 2008

The Sailing Committee has decided on a trial, starting with the Frostbites 2008, to split the Fast Handicap into two:
  • A Fast Handicap fleet
  • A Fast Asymmetric Handicap fleet (to include the RS400s)

So, from the start of the Frostbites on Jan 6th 2008, the Fast Handicap will consist of the Blaze, Phantom, Finn and National 12s in one fleet; and the RS400, 200, 500, Vareo, Laser 2000, 3000 and Vortex will race in the Fast Asymmetric fleet.

As always, an email to , or a discussion on the Forum, will elicit some sort of response!

Created on 22/11/2005 08:01 PM by Burghfield Admin
Updated on 22/03/2010 10:54 AM by Jeremy Carey
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