News - October 2018

Autumn Series

2018 Autumn Series - 7 October 2018

Sunday 7th October sees the start of the 2018 Autumn Morning and Afternoon Series. The series is 10 weeks long, ending on 16th December (with a break on 28th October for the Burghfield Blast).

The racing is organised into fleets and handicap racing, and the numbers on the water can vary depending on the weather!

Fast Asymmetric - 11:00 and 13:30
Fast Handicap - 11:03 and 13:33
Slow Handicap - 11:06 and 13:36
Optimists - 11:09 and 13:39

National 12 and OK Open

2018 National 12 & OK Open Meeting (Rescheduled from March) - 20th October 2018

The aim of the day is sprint racing - fast and furious, quick turnarounds and lots of challenging fun. As many races as possible over the course of the day on a simple course.

Pre-registration with a discounted entry fee is available until midnight 17 October 2018.

Single-Hander Pre-registered: £15
Double-Hander Pre-registered: £21

Single-Hander Entry after 17 October: £20
Double-Hander Entry after 17 October: £26

More Details, NOR and Pre-registration Here


Plea for help - Reading Uni Team Racing Boats

The Reading University Wet Dream (Team Racing) Event is next weekend 27/28 October. Unfortunately, they are struggling to find transport to bring some of the boats from Oxford to Burghfield. If you have a tow bar and might be able to help, please contact


Busy Weekend Warning - 27/28 October

It's going to be VERY busy at the club this weekend as we welcome 16 University Teams to the Reading University Sailing Club Team Racing Event.

16 Teams, 3 boats per team, 6 teams on the water at a time and 150 races planned! For those on shore, it should be a great spectacle with close finishing in front of the balcony.

Club Racing will go ahead as planned on Sunday - don't forget the clocks go BACK on Sunday, so everyone gets and extra hour in bed!

Burghfield Blast

2018 Burghfield Blast - 28 October 2018

What is it?

The short answer: Short course, rapid fire sprint racing.

Longer answer: We will try and set a course which will take 15-20 minutes with a finish on a separate line from the start but in the same area of the lake.

Initially, classes will start in the same sequence as for normal Sunday racing but as soon as all of a particular fleet has finished, they will be re-added to the back of the queue for another start. Given the right number of entries, we should also have a Juniors class for Oppies, Toppers, Fevas, Laser 4.7's etc.

In an ideal world, the races will take about the same length of time as a complete set of starts so you should have a few minutes to get your breath back and then be ready to go again.

How many races?

As many as we can. We will plan to race for about an hour and a half, then break for lunch, followed by another hour or two for more races. Depending on the conditions, we would be hoping for between 6-10 races per class.

What time?

The first start is at 11.00.

Sounds like a blast!

Yep, that's the idea. Short races are loads of fun. Lots of starts, lots of close tactics before the fleet gets spread out and if you have a bad race you get another chance almost straight away.

OK - so where do I sign up?

Just turn up on the day and sign in as normal.

If you have any questions, please send a mail to