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Home / Sailing / Sail Training / Start Racing - A beginners guide / Racing - At the finish
Home / Sailing / Sail Training / Start Racing - A beginners guide / Racing - At the finish

Racing - At the finish

What do you need to do to finish the race?

    1. Start.
    2. Sail the course, obey the rules and avoid hitting other boats.
    3. Finish!

There are different possible finish lines that may be used, depending on what type of race you are in:

    1. The finish line for lap-timed handicaps (typical for Sunday's) is the same as the start-line - between the Committee boat and the ODM. You will know this line very well by the time the finish arrives, as you have to go through the line on every lap on a Sunday.
    2. The finish line for pursuit races (e.g. Wednesday evenings) moves! At the finish time (20:00 on a Wednesday - 70 minutes after the start), the Committee boat will motor down the fleet from the front to the back. The actual line is at right-angles to the committee boat and often between it and a near-by rescue boat. Because the line is fairly short and is moving, you must stay near the centre of the course, or else you could be missed.
    3. The finish line for other events could well be between the committee boat and the windward mark.

Once you have finished, sail back to the shore. But be careful, after the race you will relax, so this may be the time you capsize. You must be very careful, especially on a Wednesay Evening, to keep out of the way of those boats that are still racing.

Don't forget to say "Thank you" to the Race Officer!

Back on the shore

Think about where you could have done better. And make sure you tell the crew where they did well!

    1. If the boat was going well, mark the jib halyard tension, shrouds and ram position, so you can repeat the settings for another race.
    2. If it wasn't going well, think about what to change and improve.
    3. Commiserate (smiling happily!) with all the people you beat.

Buy the winner a drink and find out why he beat you. Maybe, one of these days, someone will buy you a drink for the same reason!

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